New Era Part 2 – War of the Gods

At the end of the story that had attracted a lot of Derdian citizens and warriors in the king’s fortress…

At the end of the story that had attracted a lot of Derdian citizens and warriors in the king’s fortress, Troghlor had to leave for Naxar, a small town which had become a Derdian district. He was called there to plan the administration of this little town which, by agriculture and livestock, was able to get a lot of money which was partially used to increase Derdian funds. But peace and welfare don’t last long time if not defended.

Troghlor had to remain in Naxar for a long time. Here soon, some messengers from Derdian arrived bringing bad news to the Great King: in Derdian a worshipper of Khali Goddess was looking for proselytes to break up Mohzer’s worship and to find an antagonist one and to regain the favor of an ancient secret society: “The Goddess Servants”. Troghlor didn’t want this: he was a Mohzer’s servant, he had a pact with him, and he would be destroyed by the God’s rage if the new worship of Khali Goddess had been successful. Men often follow God’s reasons more than their own intelligence. And then, after gathering a small group of soldiers, he came back to Derdian, delaying, Naxar matters and running quickly to his fortress to destroy and kill the Goddess’ servant and to reassert that in Derdian “HE”, Troghlor the Great, was the only King, and Mohzer was the only God!

There is no limit to men’s eagernes

In the meantime, Golstar, the head of a maniple of Derdian army, was travelling to Anubi’s lands. The goal was clear: Mohzer wanted to limit Anubi’s powers and, to do this, Golstar and his army should find Lord Raighon (a priest who, in the past, had succeeded in evocating Anubi’s God). Golstar should defeat him and establish Mohzer’s worship also over there. Mohzer God wanted to eliminate each single enemy in order to have the absolute power and to have each single man on the earth as his servant. There is no limit to men’s eagerness.

But Golstar’s mission was not an easy one: Lord Raighon was in Adria and his castle was in a diving and mysterious place lost in space and time. Nobody knew how to find him and nobody ever succeeded in arriving there without his will. As a matter of fact, Lord Raighon was more than a simple worshipper; he was now the king of Anubi’s lands. Careless of all, the Army was marching… They crossed the forest of the Trolls and found the camp of a maniple of men remained there waiting for orders after the battle at Crystal Lake.

They joined them and Golstar asked the warriors some information but they didn’t know anything about what happened there, in Anubi’s lands. Golstar introduced himself as the chief of the new Troghlor’s mission and explained them the mission itself. In his speech Golstar told them about Troghlor and about the duty he had committed him. Golstar praised him as a great chief and said that he wanted to become as able as him.

The whole army appreciated Golstar’s words. The soldiers rested some days and then they left for Adria. Defeating Lord Raighon it meant for Derdian and its king the complete Eastern control: it was a great and important goal of geographic expansion. Some days later they were in front of Adria’s walls: the small town had become the most important town in Anubi’s land. There, they decided to stop and camp: maybe in the city they knew about their invasion and maybe Raighon was already in his “hiding place”: a little castle magically hidden in the city.

There were some legends telling about a wise man living in a small town called Joenas…

So… how to find him? An old and expert warrior in the Army told that there were some legends telling about a wise man living in a small town called Joenas. This old wise man was called: “The Oracle”, and he was able to give each man a secret, a desire, but the same wise man was also called: “The Damned”, because the price for each revelation he gave was a disgrace for whom asked him questions. Having no choice, Golstar and 4 soldiers went to Joenas and looked for the Oracle. They easily found him.

Golstar asked him how to find Raighon’s lair, and the Oracle, looking into his eyes, told him that he was going to tell him the truth and reveal the mystery, but as a reward he should take the thing he most loved, and keep it forever. Golstar accepted the pact and the Oracle revealed him how to find Lord Raighon. He said: “Golstar, you will the Immortal’s Lair in a little wood near Adria. There’s a door, a magic door, and by it you will enter into a magic and mysterious world, but remember, Golstar, you will lose the thing you love most, and you will suffer!” Nothing is given for free. Golstar, blowing up his chest, said to him: “Oracle, I don’t care about this! I am a warrior, a might warrior, and my destiny is the one of a warrior! I don’t fear anything!”

Back to Adria, the men gathered around Golstar and immediately went into the woods. They found the magic passage and soon they were in front of Raighon’s castle. Raighon knew everything about their arrival because he was spying on their moves with his magic eye. Raighon was waiting for Derdian’s army with his guards: Anubi’s guards (half man and half wolf), horrible and wild creatures.

The battle was wild and Golstar defeated and killed Raighon. By doing so, the magic spell that made Anubi alive disappeared, and the God went back to his eternal sleep. Immediately Adria became a Derdian district and Mohzer’s worship spread all over those lands. It was the end of Anubi’s land and of its culture.

In the meantime in Derdian

As soon as Troghlor arrived in Derdian, he decided not to waste his time and gathered 20 trusty men in his fortress and called a meeting in order to understand and decide what he should do to stop Khali’s priest. Troghlor decided that after finding him, he should bring him in front of Derdian people, kill him and make clear again that in Derdian he himself was the only king, and Mohzer the only God. During the years Troghlor had become a diabolic creatures, a demon with divine and amazing powers. Immediately Troghlor captured the priest and brought him in a central place of Derdian. After delivering a short speech to the people, Troghlor killed him by only the force of his mind, and then he said that Khali’s name shouldn’t be pronounced again. And whoever wanted to oppose him and his God had to leave the city or die! Nobody dared, the king had come back! As time went by in Derdian there was an atmosphere of greatness.

Expansion was strong, the city’s name was a symbol of greatness and power, the conquered territory was very wide and it was formed by a lot of various districts. Everything was good and great and nobody was able to foretell the future apocalypse. Indeed the city there were a lot of alarming voices about Golstar: they said he was going to make an alliance with the new Astar king: Exenthar, Rodon’s son.

Indeed Astar town, after Troghlor’s march, was re-establishing its greatnessss and economy and, fortunately, it was still independent, not a Derdian district: maybe because Troghlor didn’t care about it or maybe because the city reminded Troghlor of his detention, or maybe Troghlor didn’t have time enough to plan a real and final war against it. So, quickly the voices about Golstar’s conspiracy spread all over and said that Golstar’s intention was to dethrone Troghlor.

Troghlor didn’t ignore those voices but he absolutely had to discover where they came from, so he sent some messengers to Astar in order to investigate about this matter: to do this, they had to cunningly approach Exenthar. Troghlor didn’t know that Golstar used to go usually to Astar because of some relatives living there, but nobody knew which kind of relations Golstar had in Astar.

So, Troghlor’s messengers went to Astar and introduced themselves as Golstar’s servants. First, Exenthar was suspicious, then he was completely deceived by the great deception of Troghlor’s messengers: they were able to get the complete king’s confidence. One day Exenthar received them in his castle for a meeting.

“The conspiracy is real, Exenthar is alive”

Talking with Exenthar, the messengers discovered Golstar’s conspiracy was real. Indeed, Golstar and Exenthar were planning an attack. The messengers analyzed the situation: Troghlor’s orders were clear: they had immediately to kill the king and return to Derdian. But Exenthar’s guards were really a lot, so at the moment the messengers decided there was nothing to do; all they could do was just to return to Derdian, but first they sent Troghlor an eagle with a message: “The conspiracy is real, Exenthar is alive”.

Obviously the eagle arrived before them in Derdian and Troghlor, reading the message immediately got angry. His eyes became red purple, his chest seemed to increase as his body. Only rage in his mind! He immediately decided that Golstar had to pay. To kill him it was the easiest thing to do, but he wanted to see him suffering, he wanted revenge! So he called two guardians and ordered them to abduct Lady Loren, his beautiful and loved wife, and to imprison her in Derdian tower.

He told them to do so at night. And so it happened: Lady Loren was taken to a dark cell in the tower. The woman, shocked, disbelieving and unaware of the reason why she was there, was hoping Golstar could come back quickly and free her. Loren didn’t know she wouldn’t see him anymore, she didn’t know her life was going to end. The worst death in the world was waiting for her, and she didn’t know. So she was crying.

(The Oracle’s debt was going to be paid!) Troghlor had decided to make a journey to Astar in order to destroy it kill the king and make it a Derdian district forever, but first, he decided to involve himself about Golstar’s destiny and of his beloved wife.

After some days of detention, Troghlor decided it was time to pronounce Loren’s death sentence, so during the night she was taken out of the fortress, she was tied up to a pole near the city door, and she was raped. The she was killed. Often destiny doesn’t prize the beauty if not matched with cleverness. After her death, her head was cut off and Troghlor’s guards left it near her body.

Then, Troghlor said that no one should touch the scene! He wanted to keep that massacre in that way in order to show Golstar. It was a real cruelty! Troghlor’s revenge was completed! The next step was just to conquer Astar and kill its king: Exenthar. But Troghlor was thoughtful and he thought that the most disappointing thing was Golstar’s betrayal because he trusted him and he had given him a part of his army, Golstar was his right hand.

On that very night he sent Golstar 4 messengers for two reasons: to inform him about his wife’s death and to put him under arrest for conspiracy.

Back to Derdian

In the meantime, Golstar, unaware of what was going on in Derdian, was going to start the journey from Adria with a part of the army he had received from Troghlor. Some others remained in Adria to reorganize the city which as last had become a Derdian district.

So they chose the way towards the Forest of Trolls. They had to go along the same way because the Crystal Lake passage was the only possible one for them. Indeed that region was encircled by rocky and inaccessible mountains.

So they went along Anubi river towards the North. The way would lead them to the forest. Suddenly the army saw some men coming on horseback. They were warriors of Derdian, Golstar recognized them.

Maybe they were bringing news. They were still far away and Golstar began to ask himself what was going on: he began to dream about a won war, or maybe something about himself, for example an improvement of his position. Then he began to think about Loren. He dreamt to be near her and to have the chance of embracing her again.

He thought the worst was over: that Derdian wars were over, he himself was alive and he could return home. After a lot of battles and journeys, Golstar hoped to have the chance to stay for a long time close to his wife, he had absolutely deserved this reward. But unfortunately he didn’t know his life was going to become hell! Truth is always worse than dreams. When they arrived on the surface of the ancient lake, still covered of the rests of putrefying corpses of two months before, Troghlor’s messengers informed Golstar about Lady Loren’s death and he told him her body was tied to a pole at the entrance of the town, and he also told him that Golstar’s conspiracy had been disclosed.

“I’m coming back to have my revenge!”

The messenger’s task was not only to inform him, but also to put him under arrest as Troghlor ordered to bring him back to Derdian as a betrayer.

Golstar’s heart stopped beating and he kept still listening to those death words about his beloved wife. The blood froze in his veins! He was not able to react, he was still listening to those words, he didn’t believe…. Suddenly all his dreams were destroyed and all his life had no sense anymore.

Immediately Golstar’s men put themselves between their master and the guards that were going to chain him, and finally they were able to protect him. There was a little battle and all of Derdian guards were kills except one: Golstar cut off the heads of Troghlor’s messengers, gave them to the only survivor and ordered him quickly to return to Derdian, to give them to Troghlor and tell him these words: “I’m coming back to have my revenge! Dirty dog! Wait for me!”. It was the beginning of the war between Golstar and Troghlor.

Derdian was going to break up in two parts and to prepare itself for the war between its king and his former right hand. Golstar, depressed, was not able to believe what was going on and he hoped that when he would arrive in Derdian, he would discover Loren was still alive and it was all a joke. He also thought that Troghlor had planned everything to discourage and weaken him in order to defeat him. Golstar also could not believe Loren was really killed.

Reality is hard to be believed

Reality is hard to be believed. They left for Derdian without a plan and, going on, the suffering and despair turned into rage and revenge desire. Images of death were in Golstar’s mind again and again and nowthe only desire of Golstar’s was to defeat and kill the king and to destroy his power. Golstar knew that the enterprise he was going to undertake was not an easy one: in the years, Troghlor had got inhuman powers and he was supported by Mohzer, the legendary God of Evil and Destruction, on the contrary Golstar was a brave man only!

The journey was slow and exhausting. Then Golstar’s psychological state was getting worse and worse. After some walking days, Golstar and his men arrived in Derdian. At the entrance of the city, a horrible image took shape under Golstar’s eyes: Loren’s body was tied to a pole without a head which was nearby! The body was torn and covered with blood.

A maniple of Troghlor’s soldiers was on watch. Nobody could go close to the body. Golstar’s mind and heart were absolutely apathetic, he didn’t feel anything, he was petrified, and he had no more tears in his eyes… Suddenly he felt a violent rage and, looking at the bloodshed, he swore revenge and justice. [Golstar’s Rage]

It was night: Golstar and his men decided to keep themselves far from the body: they had to decide what should be done, so they preferred to hide themselves. In the meantime Golstar thought and plotted revenge. He thought that Troghlor was supported by a God, also he needed to be supported by a divinity… Men remember of God only when they need help.

He thought of Khali: Goddess of Revenge

Which divinity could he invoke? He thought of Khali: Goddess of Revenge; he had learned appropriate prayers to invoke her from an ancient wise man in Derdian. After some attempts, a white flash in the sky! Only Golstar could see this phenomenon: indeed, his men, looking at their master’s face, thought it was just a further suffering attack! On the contrary Khali Goddess appeared to him as a light in the sky, and looking at it, Golstar could distinguish the shape of a woman. She was ethereal and heavenly, but at the same time, she had a proud and deep glance, almost embarrassing.

He tried to speak to her and he asked for help while venerating her.

She accepted and said she would help him with favor because Troghlor had driven away and killed an old priest who wanted to restore ancient Khali’s worship. She told Golstar that, in order to ratify the pact, he should kill the warriors staying near Loren’s body by cutting their throats and drinking some of their blood, and he should swear revenge against Troghlor by screaming Khali’s name. So at night Golstar and his soldiers assaulted Troghlor’s warriors who were taken by surprise: their throats were cut and Golstar did what Khali had told him. A flash struck down and the clouds disappeared just for a moment.

The pact was ratified. The Goddess gave him some powers in order to transform him into a Demigod. Then the war was about to start: Troghlor and Golstar were evenly supported. Back to Derdian, Golstar and his men tried to attract Troghlor’s attention for a titanic battle, but it wasn’t difficult because Troghlor already knew about the forthcoming attack.

His army was ready, then the war was about to start!

On the right side, Troghlor and his army supported by Mohzer, on the left side, Golstar and his loyal men supported by Khali: ARMY-LEADER-GOD: this was the image that could be seen also at a distance. Both lines were against in an epic and titanic picture, and it was possible to see the powerful and shining Gods facing themselves in the sky. The battle had begun


After a lot of fighting for many days, the time of the final duel came: Troghlor Vs. Golstar. The Gods decided that the looser should be the winner’s servant.

The duel began… It was a blood battle, but immediately it was clear that Troghlor’s power was still too strong. Nevertheless Golstar resisted for a long time, then he fell. Good is not always the winner, Troghlor was going to finish him.

In the meantime, Golstar began thinking about his whole life; his wonderful Loren seemed to be forever near him. Golstar knew it was the end. Troghlor won but Mohzer ordered not to kill him and to give Golstar a new chance to live. According to the pact, Khali became Mohzer’s servant, Troghlor, becoming a God, went up, but Derdian needed still a cruel leader.

Golstar could continue the Derdian kingdom but he had to undergo a spell that would take away all his feelings. Golstar, fearing death, accepted his role: He should be the new king of Derdian. A flash in the sky and Golstar lost consciousness. He woke up on his glimmering throne… He was the King! His eyes had become red and a cruel expression was now on his face.

Troghlor was now his God. Golstar raised himself slowly, went to the balcony and looked out… The sky was dark and in the clouds he could see Mohzer and Troghlor with a cruel grin looking at him… Under them there was Khali, their servant. EVIL WON.